Distressed Leathers

These leathers have an unusual characteristic which may appear cracked, creased, wrinkled or have a well worn appearance. The uneven coloration and scratches enhance the rugged look. To see all available colors in our distressed patterns, please order one of our sample cases.




Color: Saddle


Billy the Kid

This leather has an unusual cracked and creased appearance imparted into the hide, while the natural beauty of the hide has not been obscured in any way. A special coating of hard waxes enhances the rugged look.

Description: Full grain aniline dyed leather.
Protection: Water and soil repellent dyed into hides with a wax coating finish.


Color: Cactus



A top grain leather, hand buffed to achieve a distressed, stone washed appearance. Scars, wrinkles, shading and a well worn, rainwashed look are part of Cimarron's characteristics.

Description: Top grain aniling drum dyed.
Protection: A stain repellent; liquid repellent, no surface finish.


Color: Red



This leather has been purposely darkened and textured to give a broken-in, older look and feel. A wax topcoat has been encouraging the leather to crackle. The quality of this leather is enhanced with use.



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