Specialty Leathers

These hides are uniquely process during tanning to give a distinguished appearance. The finished patterns are either glazed, suede, reptile print, embossed, or pull up at point of stress. To see all available colors in our specialty patterns, please order one of our sample cases.




Color: Spruce



A traditional leather with an antique finish and glazed surface makes it very durable in heavy usage. Ideal for entertainment, office and hospitality application.

Description: Top grain aniline dyed with an antique finish.
Protection: A liquid stain repellent applied.
No surface finish.


Color: Cashew



A unique leather brushed to give a very slight sueded surface. This slight nap, plus scars, scratches and color variations are the main characteristics found in this hide.

Description: Top grain pure aniline dye with a slight nap surface to give a velvet-like hide.
Protection: A liquid stain repellent applied.
No surface finish.


Color: Blue



A modified "pull-up" leather that gives a slightly lighter color tone at points of stress. A wax finish provides this leather with a silky feel and extra protection from spills. Scratches, natural markings uneven coloration are the characteristics of this pattern.

Description: Full grain aniline dyed leather.
Protection: Stain and water resistance are chemically induced in tannage.


Color: Red


Embossed - Alligator

A rough and rugged alligator leather, a luxurious woven leather and a western tooled embossed leather are available in several colors and in-stock for immediate shipment.

Description: Full, top grain, semi-aniline dyed.
Protection: Lightly pigmented finish that can resist spills and provide long wearability.


Color: Saddle


English Pub

This smooth full grain leather is similar to the distress in the Billy the Kid pattern, with a modest sheen finish and pull up effect.

Description: Smooth, full grain, aniline drum-dyed.
Protection: Stain and water resistant.


Color: Chocolate



A grain-sueded, velvet-like leather. The surface has been lightly sanded and finished with a wax coating on the surface. It offers a soft, supple hand with some variation in color and shows all of natures markings.

Description: Full grain, pure aniline.
Protection: A stain repellent; liquid repellent, no surface finish.

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