Specialty Leathers

These hides are uniquely process during tanning to give a distinguished appearance. The finished patterns are either glazed, suede, reptile print, embossed, or pull up at point of stress.



A traditional leather with an antique finish and glazed surface makes it very durable in heavy usage. Ideal for entertainment, office and hospitality application.



English has a woven emboss that it is a full-aniline leather that is patterned with oil and wax cracks and natural markings that give this leather a unique look.


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Alligator is a semi-aniline leather with a unique full top-grain appearance. This leather has a brushed, nubuck effect that gives it a nice color contrast between low & high points within each hide.



Nubuck is a brushed, full top-grain, full aniline leather that has a soft, velvety texture and appearance. Each hide has different variations and markings that make each article unique.